Human Interface Nakamura Tower Takes A Look Inside The Box

May 14, 2015 by brennon

Human Interface Nakamura Tower has entered its final week on Kickstarter and unlocked a few more treasures as well as a new look inside the box with a video on Game Components which you can check out HERE.

Street Hunters & New Options

First up we have a look at the next stretch goal for the game which allows you to unlock either the Police Officer or Cyborg Hunter for your pledge. I think I'd have to go with the Cyborg Hunter...

Police Officer & Cyborg Hunter

I do like the RAID Officer which would be another nice addition to the collection that already exists but that Cyborg Hunter is just too cool. I think they've embraced a few design choices from Deus Ex: Human Revolution in his style which is no bad thing at all.

As well as the Stretch Goals they've also shown off some of the upcoming extras that you'll be able to punt for down the line. The Black Stone Commando Operator looks like he fits in with one of the new factions for the game.

Black Stone Commando Operator

HDF Bases

Art Book

The Bases and Artbook are now Add-Ons for the campaign and can be seen on the main page. I think the Art Book is a very tempting prospect as everything we've seen for the game so far has been amazing. I'd love to see more of the art in lovely HD.

What will you go for?

"The Black Stone Commando Operator looks like he might be the first miniature in a new faction for the game..."

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