HINT Show Off The Master Form Cyberpunk Hybrid

November 27, 2017 by brennon

I'm not entirely sure that this fellow would be considered by many to be the Master Form of anything considering his bulk and heft. Here we have a look at another of the AI/Human Hybrid models from Human Interface.

Master Form Hybrid

Clanking armoured, now decidedly more machine than man, we have a rather different looking hybrid than we've seen before. He looks like the proper kind of cyber-psycho you'd need to call in the experts to deal with; almost supervillain-esque in his appearance.

Considered a 'prototype' in the world of Human Interface I suppose this makes sense for a first attempt and creating a new kind of soldier. I'm rather disturbed.

Cyberpunk Painting

In addition to this look at the Master Form model, we also got some more superb painting to check out from Angel Giraldez.

Angel Giraldez - HINT

Some great attention to detail across both the model and turret, bringing them to life and showing off what you can do with these models once you've picked them up. I particularly like the subtle glow on the turrets viewer and the way the bionics have been done on the arms of the human.

Have you been drawn into the world of Human Interface?

"Have you been drawn into the world of Human Interface?"

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