New Models, Accessories & More For Human Interface: Nakamura Tower

November 25, 2016 by brennon

Postindustrial Games, the makers of Human Interface: Nakamura Tower, have put together a selection of new releases for you to snap up. Miniatures, terrain pieces, and accessories are now available.

AI Human Hybrid Fourth Form

Leading the way we have a pair of model blister packs that are available for you to snap up. The first is the AI Human Hybrid Fourth Form which follows the perfection of techniques within this Cyberpunk world.

This is an interesting mix of human and machine taking it to places where it probably shouldn't go! You can still trust one man and his dog however with RAID44 Officer Santiago & Hirayatsu Cyberdog.

RAID44 Officer Santiago with Hirayatsu Cyberdog

When you're battling against cyber -psychos then you will need a handy mutt by yourself to race into the fighting and protect you if needed. Being a cyberdog it's certainly not going to feel too bad about chomping on your arm either!


As well as the models there are some small terrain pieces which will help to turn your boards into a 2.5D landscape.


Both Terminals, perfect as objectives, and Coffee Machines, are available. They would both make for good cover too which is always neat in a game like this. It makes everything feel that little bit more dynamic.

Coffee Machine Terrain

The designs are by ZEN Terrain so if you want to find out more about what they have to offer you can head on over to their webstore and find loads of awesome terrain pieces for Sci-Fi worlds and more.

Tokens & Cards

Additionally, you can also snap up some Security Objectives...

Security Objectives

...and some Military Cyberwarfare Cards which will give you access to some more programs to drop into your games.

Military Cyberwarfare Cards

It's nice to see the range growing for Human Interface: Nakamura Tower and those who have got their hands on the game are really enjoying it so far. Hopefully we'll be able to get in a game or two in the near future!

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"When you're battling against cyber -psychos then you will need a handy mutt by yourself to race into the fighting..."

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