The Prototype For HINT’s AI Avatar Has Escaped

April 2, 2015 by brennon

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Another prototype miniature has popped up from the folks behind Human Interface: Nakamura Tower and this time it's for the AI Avatar that we saw in render form last week...

Nakamura AI Avatar Prototype

I think the render has translated well into this prototype you see above and got all the detail when it comes to her hair, the different metal plates and all the 'gubbins' that make up an entirely synthetic body.

I've been watching a lot of Ghost in the Shell recently and so when I saw this miniature I couldn't help but think of the movie and the Puppet Master! It will be interesting to see how she works in the game as I could see her going a bit Cyber-psycho (Cyberpunk 2020) on your crew.

As well as this prototype they hope to have a metal version of her out soon to show off in previews so watch out for that!

What do you think?

"...when I saw this miniature I couldn't help but think of Ghost in the Shell and the Puppet Master!"

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