Swift Swordsmen & Hard Nosed Security Officers For HINT!

February 27, 2015 by brennon

Human Interface: Nakamura Tower (HINT) continues to release previews for their upcoming Cyberpunk board game. These latest previews show off not only another hero in the form of Tetsuo Kenji but also a rather more grizzled looking enemy (we think?) in the form of Marcus Hoffman...

Tetsuo Kenji

First up we have a look at Tetsuo himself with a rather awesome looking cybernetic arm and a very cool re-styled katana-ish weapon. I could just imagine him rolling up his sleeves and getting ready for a fight while very awesome music pumps away in the background. If you take a close look at his face you'll also see he has some neat cybernetic markings there too - it would be awesome to put some paint on him and bring him to life.

Marcus Hoffman

Marcus Hoffman (Teaser)

As well as Tetsuo we have this deadly looking gentleman. There always seems to be someone like Marcus in these kind of Cyberpunk stories running the security forces of a big company, usually a South African. I'm assuming that this chap is going to be one of the enemies you'll have to go up against as he appears to be working on the side of whatever company your heroes are having a punt at in the game.

I wouldn't want to go up in a head to head fight against someone with all that weaponry, gear, and no doubt some cybernetics to help him.

What do you think folks?

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