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Meet The Naval Gnomes Of Hysterical Games’ Panzerfauste


Hysterical Games keep their previews coming for the new models that will be joining the good fight in Panzerfauste. This week saw them heading to sea and their Naval Gnomes, the Fusiliers Marins.

Troglodyte Commander & High Flyers For Hysterical’s Panzerfauste


Hysterical Games continue to build on the world of Panzerfauste with a look at one of their new characters. Check out the Troglodyte Warlord Marszałek-Trogi Swaróg…

A Clanking War Mole Pokes Its Head Above Ground For Panzerfauste


Hysterical Games have shown off a rather awesome looking War Mole for your Trog armies in the Fantasy World War game of Panzerfauste – check it out!

New Campaign Supplement Pops Up For Hysterical’s Spitfyre


A new expansion has been added as a stretch goal to the Kickstarter campaign for Hysterical Games’ Spitfyre: Aerial Combat.

Weekender: Battle Systems’ Core Space First Look & Super Secret Infinity Updates!


It’s time to delve into The Weekender with some awesome interviews looking at Battle Systems’ Core Space, a new Sci-Fi skirmish game, and what lies ahead for Infinity with Carlos.

Take To The Skies With Hysterical’s Spitfyre: Aerial Combat Kickstarter


Orcs and Dwarves are clashing in the skies of Panzerfauste with their new Kickstarter project, Spitfyre, which sees Dragons and mighty Eagles clashing in this spin-off game.

Hysterical Games Pop Up Dwarf Gebirgsjager Previews


Heading out onto the slopes of the mountains to do some scouting we have the Dwarf Gebirgsjäger from Hysterical Games for the world of Panzerfauste.

Hysterical’s Orc Warlord Churg-ill Sticks It To The Enemy


It’s not so much a sign of peace this time around as Hysterical Games shows off their render for Orc Warlord Chûrg-ill sticking his fingers up to the enemy for Panzerfauste

More Panzerfauste Previews Pop Up From Hysterical Games


Hysterical Games continue to preview what’s coming as part of Panzerfauste and their successful Kickstarter. Now they’re showing off the Troglodyte Infantry Section…

Hysterical Games’ Big Brutes Stomp Into The Wars Of Panzerfauste


Hysterical Games has been showing off what’s coming soon as part of the world of Panzerfauste and it seems all focus is on some Brutes.

Hysterical Games Have A Kick About With Futbowel For Panzerfauste


Hysterical Games have put together their new beer & pretzels style game for you to get stuck into between bigger games of Panzerfauste at the tabletop.

The Deathless Shamble Into The World Of Panzerfauste


The Deathless, the Russian/Soviet themed force for Panzerfauste, are coming to life from Hysterical Games.

Panzerfauste Welcomes New Heavily Armed Skogtroll Soldiers


If you’re a fan of the world of Panzerfauste and wanted to expand on your Skogtroll army then how about checking out the new LMG Demi-Section for some supporting fire by Hysterical Games.

Kaiser Alberich & Gnomish Snails Take Shape For Panzerfauste


Hysterical Games have shown off how progress is going on the additional units made possible by the Panzerfauste Kickstarter.

Weekender XLBS: Ghostbusters On The Tabletop & Screen + Hacking Into Android: Netrunner


Relax with us today as we delve into the hacker world of Android: Netrunner and Lloyd gives us his thoughts on Ghostbusters!

Join The Fight In Hysterical’s Panzerfauste With New Starter Set


Hysterical Games have now added a Starter Set for Panzerfauste to their website which includes all you need to get started in a skirmish level game set within their weird world.

The Deathless Rise From Their Graves In Hysterical’s Panzerfauste


Hysterical Games have posted and update on their Kickstarter page taking about the progress on the Deathless for their rather funky game, Panzerfauste.

Weekender: Printable Scenery Interview – The Future Of Terrain Building?


Hysterical Games Brings In Mobile Units To Panzerfauste


Hysterical Games has posted some updates for their game Panzerfaustë

Hysterical Game’s Panzerfauste Webstore Launches With Added Trolls


Hysterical Games have now launched their Panzerfauste Webstore and it features miniatures for all of their main factions including the Dwarves, Gnomes, Orcs and (the faction I want to focus on today) the Skogtroll!

Weekender XLBS: Will Star Wars Bring You To The Tabletop?


Welcome Backstage as we get stuck
into the Weekender XLBS where we
give you another dose of our wit and
sage knowledge. Well…we like to
think it’s helpful anyway!