New Artwork & Updated Rules From Icarus Miniatures

May 12, 2015 by brennon

Icarus Miniatures have shown off two new pieces of concept art for the Icarus Project as well as talking about the changes that have been made to the rules in a New Update...

New Artwork

The artwork from Icarus Miniatures now focuses more on the alien races of their game including the burly Trax Brute and a Praesidian Warrior who is decidedly less brute looking...

Trax Brute

"To ensure maximum efficiency, Trax are usually deployed in groups of 2-4, each one from a different family. They are told that only the warrior who kills the most foes will have their family spared, and if they should fight amongst themselves, all their families will be killed. This makes the enslaved Trax into brutal killing machines, each desperate to cause as much damage as possible to keep their family alive for another day."

Basically this makes the Nexus a horrible race but they certainly have a very twisted and exciting presence in this Sci-Fi world. I think these are going to be some of the coolest looking models when they're finished and I want to see some rebel Trax too that have turned on the Nexus and now fight as mercenaries.

Next up are said Praesidians who take a very different angle on battle. There's no savagery here instead replaced by grace and style...

Praesidian Warrior

"The Praesidian Warrior is the backbone of Praesidian military forces. Every member of the Praesidian Republic must serve a term in the military, meaning many of the warriors on the battlefield were farmers or labourers not too long ago. Despite this, the warriors are well trained, and well disciplined. While they are not as tough as alliance troopers, they are cheaper and more skilled with ranged weapons."

Both of these pieces of artwork have been done by the very talented Daniel Comerci who has created quite the vision for the world alongside the other artists in the team.

Rules Tweaks

As well as the new art there is also a new Rules Update which we mentioned above talking about the different changes to the rules as they stand. If you want to get involved you can head on over and chat about the rules tweaks.

If nothing else this project is going to produce some fantastic miniatures!

"Both of these pieces of artwork have been done by the very talented Daniel Comerci..."

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