Go Bounty Hunting With Icarus Miniatures’ Gabriel Cross

January 26, 2015 by brennon

Icarus Miniatures have another preview for their upcoming Sci-Fi game up and this time its focused on the bounty hunter, criminal, war veteran, and mercenary, Gabriel Cross...

Gabriel Cross

More information on Gabriel Cross...

"Gabriel is a former Galactic Marine, who served during the Second Nexus War alongside his squad, The Immortals; one of the most decorated marine squads of the war. The renown he gained during the war, along with his turn from the Alliance, helped to increase his notoriety among the criminal ranks.

Gabriel wears a modified set of Galactic Marine armour that he has fitted with an experimental system A.I, Prometheus. Gabriel uses this artificial intelligence to manage some of the suits more advanced systems, such as pain relief if he is wounded, and environmental controls, should he find himself underwater or in open space."

An awesome looking character who has a little bit of the Star-Lord about him! Gabriel is part of the Mercenary faction for the game and so can pop up in  lot of different army lists to give it a boost. You can find out more about his rules by checking out the blog post linked earlier in the post.

The art piece above from Daniel Comerci is another great addition to the Icarus line-up and remember you can always check out the rules for the game HERE.

What do you think of Gabriel Cross?

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