New Character Art & Mini For The Icarus Project

July 15, 2015 by brennon

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Icarus Miniatures have shown off two new pieces of artwork for their ongoing Sci-Fi project featuring the characters of Charlie Bishop and Issac Cross alongside the first 3D print of Gabriel Cross!

Gabriel Cross

First off lets take a look at the miniature. He has been assembled with blu-tac right now (hence some of the gaps) but I think he is looking as crisp and clean as the renders we saw a while back.

Gabriel Cross #1

Gabriel Cross #2

They have also added some versions of Gabriel Cross without the helmet on too. I think this version looks a bit better too and gives him a bit more of that Han Solo swagger I think the character portrays.

Gabriel Cross #3

A fantastic step forwards for Icarus Miniatures and hopefully that means the rest of the miniatures line isn't far behind. Keep an eye out for more from them soon. In the mean time, art!

New Characters

As well as the model there are two new pieces of artwork for Charlie bishop and Issac Cross...

Charlie Bishop

"When the war ended, Charlie found herself lost. Without an enemy to take her aggression out on, she began to dull the pain with Echo. Her drug addiction quickly drained her tour compensation, and she joined an underground racing circuit to pay the bills.

Her skills as a pilot meant that she quickly climbed the leader boards, and by carefully betting on herself via proxy, she was able to raise a large amount of credits in a short time span."

She is quite a troubled character and a deadly fighter pilot. She doesn't have much in the way of armaments but can call in Orbital Strikes and even boost her stats with drugs.

Issac Cross

"However, as he had grown up, the idea of being a politician appealed to him less and less. In the military, Isaac was able to build his own personality, away from the shadow of his parents. He served in the Alliance military for six years, earning many commendations.

When his parents told him that it was time to resume his political career, he told them that he had found his passion in the military and would not be returning home, or fulfilling their plans for him."

Issac works more as a background character in your games. His Medic ability keeps your troops in the fight longer while his Investigator trait means he is better at finding objectives. A great support soldier on the field of battle.

What do you think of the work so far?

"I think Gabriel Cross sans helmet looks a bit better too and gives him a bit more of that Han Solo swagger I think the character portrays..."

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