Icarus Miniatures Introduce Nexus General Varakos!

February 26, 2015 by brennon

Icarus Miniatures have shown off another piece of artwork for their upcoming Icarus Project. Don't forget that as well as checking out the information on Nexus General Varakos you can also download the rules for the Icarus Project HERE...

Nexus General Varakos

More on General Varakos...

"In The Icarus Project, Varakos is a unique character that packs a mighty punch. Armed with an Energy Gauntlet, he is able to reduce enemy's defence values by 1. With his 4 attacks, this makes him deadly in close combat.

He also has an energy shield, giving him a defence of 6. Along with his health of 7, and Cheating Death rule, Varakos is an exceptionally tough unit.  He will be a prime target for sniper and explosive fire; so keeping him in cover while he moves into combat is crucial."

...and if you want to find out any more of his background then you can check it out on the link above! He sounds like an awesome character and I love these deadly looking aliens for the background more than the humans (only slightly though!).

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