Icarus Miniatures Lay Down Some Covering Fire With New Concept

January 31, 2015 by brennon

Icarus Miniatures have previewed another piece of artwork for their Sci-Fi game (which you can download the rules for HERE). This time around it's the Support Trooper laying down a withering amount of firepower...

Support Trooper

"The Alliance arsenal is vast and varied, but there are a core range of weapons. All Alliance Troopers are issued a standard side arm; though some choose to use more powerful pistols.

Each standard trooper is also given the Alliance Standard Issue 7.62x51mm Assault Rifle, the AAR-7.

The AAR base is highly versatile and can be modified in any number of ways, with each part of the structure easily removed and replaced."

The artwork is once again awesome looking and I really hope that the miniatures for this game are going to match their quality. Maybe we'll even get some spent shells to litter the base with? Is that hoping too much?

What do you think?

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