Icarus Miniatures Release New Sci-Fi Alpha Rules

June 29, 2015 by brennon

Icarus Miniatures have added a new version of their Sci-Fi wargaming rules onto their website so if you want to get stuck in and try out the system you can download it now HERE.

Icarus Project Alpha Rules

You can see a list of changes below and in more detail HERE...

1. New Cover
2. Moved Spectre to the Mercenaries force list.
3. Added a section on page 12 to clarify Critical Condition.
4. Changed the equipment listing of Gabriel Cross, Isaac Cross, and Jesse Pope.
5. Added Buddy. A new unique Mercenary Character.
6. Added Blaze. A new unique Mercenary Character.
7. Removed the Templar and Guy characters.
8. Added Hated Foes (Nexus), Echo Inhaler, & Orbital Strike to Charlie Bishop’s profile.
9. Added the Manipulate special rule to Scarlett Black.
10. Added the Echo Inhaler, Ravager Bike, and Ignition Bomb to the list of equipment.
11. Replace Assault Rifle with Energy Rifle for all Praesidian Units.
12. Added rules for bikes.
13. Added Nexus Commander & Ravager Biker.

...so, if you've been playing this already we want to know what you think of the changes. If you haven't been playing it, how do you like the rules?

Will you be giving this a go?

"If you haven't been playing it, how do you like the rules?"

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