Join The Ranks Of The Praesidian Honour Guard With Icarus

June 18, 2015 by brennon

Icarus Miniatures have shown off some more of their artwork for the ever growing Sci-Fi project they've been working on called the Icarus Project. See what you think of the Praesidian Honour Guard...

Praesidian Honour GuardMore information on this unit...

"Praesidian Honour Guards usually come from a career military background, and are selected for their formidable skills. Because of their skills, and the role they occupy, the honour guard have access to some of the best equipment in the Republic.

Their armour is a combat version of ceremonial Praesidian armour, and offers far more protection that the armour worn by Praesidian infantry. All honour guard carry a sword and energy shield, though most choose to exchange their sword for the more traditional glaive."

The Honour Guard are the most elite unit available to you as a Praesidian and come with a high level of skill in combat, better defence, high health and a low courage score which enables them to stick around the battlefield that little bit longer.

Are you psyched to see this game finally come out?

"The Honour Guard are the most elite unit available to you as a Praesidian..."

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