Icarus Miniatures Get Ready For New Kickstarter

September 7, 2016 by brennon

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Icarus Miniatures are going to be heading back onto Kickstarter on Friday 16th September with their awesome looking Sci-Fi game, the Icarus Project. So far they've shared what's going to appear in the two main Starter Sets for the game and given us a peek at some new models too.

Alliance (Front)

Inside this set you'll get...

  • The Gunslinger
  • Alliance Trooper with LMG
  • Alliance Trooper 2 (Firing)
  • Female Alliance Trooper
  • Alliance Outrider Scout

...but if you prefer the Nexus then you can pick up their set.

Nexus (Front)

Inside here you're going to get some epic aliens...

  • The Assassin
  • The Brawler
  • 2x Feral Nexus
  • Nexus Grunt 1 (Running)

Additionally there will be stretch goals for you to sink your teeth into as well which will feature the likes of free miniatures, weapon upgrades and alternative head upgrades. If you're already getting stoked for this see what you think of some of the miniatures.

Alliance Outrider

Above you can see the Alliance Outrider that will feature as part of your Starter Set. She looks great as she's pointing out her target ready to blast it away with that rifle of hers.

The Nexus are some of the best looking aliens out there however so we were rather overjoyed to see the Brawler...

Nexus Brawler

...and the Assassin.

Nexus Assassin

You can see some more shots of these miniatures HERE including some renders of what more of the Alliance Troopers will look like.

Do you think you'll be backing this one?

"The Nexus are some of the best looking aliens out there..."

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