Icarus Miniatures Show Off Some Of Their Sculpting Prowess

August 31, 2017 by brennon

Icarus Miniatures have been chatting about their last two years on the scene and while their own projects are growing in size they also have been working on models for other companies too.


First up we have this Reaver creature that you can see above for Dice Sports. It has a decidedly alien feel to it, slithering forth with that toothy maw ready to gobble you up!

Similarly, on the side of hunger and chomping, we have this Cannibal Matriarch which was sculpted for Daruma Productions for their games. Bloated and looking like she's crawled out of Mad Max I'd be terrified to fight her!

Cannibal Matriarch

Last but not least we have the nice and normal looking Adam Walker for Breaker Press Games and their line-up. I think they've captured a nice cartoon-esque quality to the model's face whilst keeping most of it realistic too.

Adam Walker

It looks like things are certainly on the up-and-up for Icarus Miniatures so if you like the look of their sculpts go and check out more of their range. The Nexus truly are some of the best aliens we've ever seen.

Have you been following Icarus this year?

"...if you like the look of their sculpts go and check out more of their range"

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