A Quick Look At A Finished Build From Impudent Mortal’s RUST KS

October 17, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

If you've been keeping your eye on the latest Kickstarter from Impudent Mortal, RUST will bring your 28-35mm post-apocalyptic game to life on the tabletop with fantastic detail. But will what you build look as great as the pieces shown off in the KS video? Yes.

IM RUST table

I had to opportunity to build two pieces of the terrain being offered in this project - the Min Container Set and the Repair Shop, and I have to say, I'm impressed. Not only was Impudent Mortal able to produce some really cool, versatile terrain pieces that are fully detailed upon completion of the build, there was so much thought that went into how you apply the adhesive transfers.

It's not just slapping the transfers on the pieces, they are applied in such a manner that it helps hide seams and they really add a nice polished, finish touch to each piece you build.

Storage Containters

I started with the Min Containers as I felt more confident with fewer pieces and to get a feel for how to use the adhesive transfers.  I was blown away! Not only was it not too difficult, I felt like quite the accomplished builder when I was finished and found myself looking down at 100% finished and ready to use terrain.

I was also stuck with the fact that although RUST is a post-apocalyptic project, these containers are usable in loads of different types of games as scatter, for example, Infinity.


After building the containers, I felt confident enough to tackle the Repair Shop. This one was not as simple as the first set I built, but once I made peace with not getting ahead of myself and trusting in the steps as defined in the instructions, it didn't take long to see the method to the madness in the build- and it looked AWESOME.

It's probably also important to mention that they've provided for enough room for you to personalize the pieces by allowing for stylistic options along the way.

Back View

I opted to put the roof on it, but you actually put stickers on the beams under the roof so they looked finished and you could've left the roof off. If you had more than one of these on a table, you could make them look different and they'd essentially look like different pieces of terrain. Pretty cool!

Repair Shop

Interior shot

I've said before that I really enjoy putting together MDF terrain as it feeds my jigsaw puzzle addiction, so that said I think Impudent Mortal has really nailed it on this one and I'm looking forward to getting more of these RUST pieces through my KS pledge.

Which pieces will you be adding to your collection?

"I had to opportunity to build two pieces of the terrain being offered in this project - the Min Container Set and the Repair Shop..."

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