THEO Helps Restore Order To Your Hobby While Keeping It Portable

October 3, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

There's never been a better time to try to regain control and order to your hobby space. If your workspace is anything like mine, it could use some organization and definitely some more useable space. Impudent Mortal has heard our pleas and is back on Kickstarter with The Hobby Equipment Organizer - THEO.

THEO allows you to organize all of your hobby supplies - paints, brushes, tools, in a way that helps you make the most of your space by giving you the ability to neatly stow things away above your hobby station while keeping things right at your fingertips.

Impudent Mortal has essentially combined some of the most useful elements for the hobby and put them together in a modular fashion to allow you the flexibility to choose the right layout for your space. Let's break down the options.

A Space For Everything & Everything In Its Space

To clean things up in your hobby space, you need to have somewhere to put all your paints, brushes, clippers, etc, so there's a variety of choices for you and not just with the cartridges- you can choose your material as well to help control the look and price point of your workstation.

THEO comes in MDF and acrylic with multiple colour options, including the fantastic light blue that we have in the studio to show off.

There's a brush cartridge that allows you to store your favourite brushes with the respect they deserve and even has a spot for water or cleaner. What's even better is that the cup holder is removable, so you can take it out and have it right at your fingertips when you're ready to paint.

There's a tool cartridge that features a combination of drawers to keep all of the hobby necessities: files, clippers, glue, etc, as well as a removable tool caddy for you to keep in front of you to keep only the bits you need accessible handy.


There's a set of horizontal drawers to offer you the perfect place to store the odd, longer items and a set of vertical, deeper drawers to stow away items that just don't seem to fit elsewhere.

Let's Talk Paints

Impudent Mortal has always done a great job offering a variety of paint storage solutions, and THEO has it all covered too! There are Eyedropper and Reverse Eyedropper cartridges in both vertical and horizontal options, as well as both vertical and horizontal paint pot cartridges.

If you have any other oddball craft size paints - have no fear - they have you covered there as well with the craft paint cartridge.

What About My The Minis I'm Working On?

Well, they've covered all the hobby supplies, but what about the minis you're currently working on? There are both horizontal and vertical mini cartridges with slotted metal shelves that offer you the ability to resize the cartridge to fit a variety of different size and shaped minis.

The metallic aspect is to allow you the ability to magnetize your bases to keep those precious projects safely stowed when you're not working on them.

The Convenience Of Storage Above Your Workspace & On The Go

Ok, so we've covered the modular aspect of THEO, but let's look at the really awesome ways you can use it to hobby. You can essentially use the cartridges in three different ways. First, you can use them as is individually on your hobby table. If you're fortunate enough to have ample table space, this is certainly one angle to consider.

If you're more like me, and your actual workspace is a bit smaller, you can keep all these cartridges up off the workspace in a wall unit. These come in both single and double, offering you the ability to stow two cartridges (either two horizontal or two vertical) in each single or four in a double.

Now you can really see where the THEO shines, as it allows you to keep your hobby organized AND accessible for you to work.

But it doesn't stop there. You can also get a carrying bag that comes with an MDF shell that allows you to take four cartridges with you wherever you want to take your hobby!

It's a nice, strong hobby bag, complete with the molle system, allowing you to add on extra pouches to store your must-haves.

Proudly Showing Off Your Minis

Last, but certainly not least, Impudent Mortal created the perfect little display case to show off your hard work in their mini display/carry case.

The case is clear acrylic with three metal shelves, offering you the ability to use it as a stand-alone display case or you can fit the case in your THEO carrying bag!

But What's In It For Me?

Naturally, the very idea of Kickstarter is helping to bring creative ideas to life, but in order to share in the excitement, Impudent Mortal is sweetening the deal for backers by offering a free wall unit for every four cartridges you purchase. Just think of how awesome your organized hobby station will be!

THEO is nearly funded with roughly a week or so left in the project. Get in on the project now to get your rewards sooner and take advantage of the ability to add your suggestions for further pieces in the comments section.

Once funded, additional pieces for THEO will be considered based upon ideas in the comments.

Will you be maximizing your hobby space with THEO?

"Impudent Mortal has essentially combined some of the most useful elements for the hobby and put them together in a modular fashion..."

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