Grindhouse Games Presents More Incursion Previews

June 26, 2013 by dracs

Grindhouse Games are continuing to release new art pieces to whet our appetites for the coming Incursion Kickstarter, with the latest pieces taking the style of grindhouse movie posters.

Incursion Film Poster

This piece brings all of the previous pieces of concept art we have seen together into a pulp movie style poster, a format which brilliantly matches the frantic, over-the-top horror style of the game.

It is interesting to see the changes of style which have taken place when this is shown alongside the original poster for the game's first edition.

Incursion Poster Original

While we have yet to see anything really new these art pieces make me very hopeful for the game's re-release. It gives us a bit of insight into the direction the game could be heading, as well as making me really excited for what else we might see in the near future.

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