Industria Mechanika Prepare Pre-Orders For The Chrononaut

October 8, 2013 by brennon

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Industria Mechanika are a company that I have, probably wrongly, not heard of before. However when I saw this when doing my news trawl I had to grab it and show it off to you guys. These guys are now taking pre-orders on the mighty Chrononaut!

The Chrononaut

This is a mighty model crafted using the artwork of Adrian Smith. I love this illustrator and some of you might know his style from Games Workshop products in the past. He has created quite the awesome character and then Industria Mechanika have bought it to life.

Apparently that monstrous T-Rex head cost as much to cast and has more resin in it than the actual hero himself! I think this could be quite the collectors piece (and the price does make my eyes water a little) but it could be worth it for the right painter.

What do you think?

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