Pyre Prepare the Mechs for Inevitable Betrayal

May 9, 2013 by dracs

A few days ago we reported on Pyre Studios' upcoming board game Inevitable Betrayal. Well things look to be shaping up for the game as we have just come across the various designs for the mechs the players will be controlling.

Inevitable Betrayal BO-55

Inevitable Betrayal F4-ZR

Inevitable Betrayal H3TR

Inevitable Betrayal H4Q

Inevitable Betrayal WOR-QR

Inevitable Betrayal X-14

The good thing about these designs is that they look practical and obviously have a function to their design, which makes sense given that their primary role was as repair mechs.

The different purposes and designs makes it clear that we will have some cool options and tactics to draw upon in the game. I am really looking forward to seeing how these mechs take shape as miniatures.

Is there anything you particularly like about Pyre's designs? Is there anything you think could be done differently?

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