You Have 15 Seconds to Comply With Infamy’s Suppressor

July 16, 2014 by dracs

The London of Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke is a dangerous place, full of gang warfare and constant violence. But don't worry, there's a new weapon to keep order on the streets thanks to an upcoming Kickstarter stretch goal; the Suppressor!


Suppressor Front

Suppressor Back

The Suppressor is a monster of a machine, standing far taller than any other miniature that Infamy have come out with, being roughly the same size as a Games Workshop Dreadnought (I think, Infamy were being very subtle when talking about size comparisons).

Bearing the badge of the London police force, as well as some sizable Tesla weaponry, the Suppressor is a major problem for any gang to come up against. Being so large, there may be some issues in adapting it for a skirmish scale game, but Infamy have stated that they are working on rules that will help to fit it in well with both competitive and narrative games.

Has the sight of the Suppressor persuaded you to help the Kickstarter reach its next stretch goal?

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