Alice Escapes from Infamy’s Post-Kickstarter

November 24, 2014 by dracs

It looks like lots of people are upping their pledges or jumping on board Infamy's post-Kickstarter as all new miniatures begin to get unlocked.

The latest two miniatures to appear are ones we first saw during the initial Kickstarter run; the electromagnet Tesla variant and the gentlemanly Errant Pewbe.

Electromagnet TeslaErrant Pewbe

Now while these two are both really fun, it's one of the upcoming unlockables that has caught my eye. Meet Alice.


This design is genuinely disturbing, with some poor girl dressed in Gothic Lolita style and a straight jacket being manipulated by some horrifying gaseous entity. Alice is apparently Mr Dodgson's right hand, making her an important figure on the streets of London. I just can't wait to hear what her backstory is, this is definitely a concept with history behind it.

If you want to hop aboard Infamy's post-Kickstarter, you can find the details on their website.

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