A Cavalier Rocketeer & Meg March Rendered For Infamy!

August 13, 2014 by brennon

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Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke may have ended on Kickstarter but it ended with a blast of steampunk power! So what's next from the guys behind the game? Well - fulfilling orders and showing off fancy new models of course. See what you think of Meg March and the first sneak peeks at the Cavalier Rocketeer!

Meg March (Front)

Meg March (Rear)

First up we have the aforementioned Meg March who appears to have found the right perch for her awesome looking sniper rifle. She looks like she mean real business as well if that expression on her face is anything to go by. One thing I like about the Infamy range is that they manage to incorporate the steampunk style into their miniatures without losing any of the 'Victoriana' as it were. It all feels very grounded in a sense of reality, even their big robots!

Cavalier Rocketeer

Admittedly this chap might blow that thinking out of the water with his madcap Rocket pack when we see him in full but so far I don't think I'll be complaining when the Cavalier flies onto the scene. Some great detail right off the bat and hopefully once again this all translates when they get to the final miniature form.

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