Infamy Adopts a Cavalier Attitude to Its Kickstarter

September 22, 2014 by dracs

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Infamy Miniatures have published a couple of new render images showing off the awesome sculpts that were unlocked through the Kickstarter, most notably the Cavalier Rocketeer who will be only available with the Painting Buddha DVD set.

Cavalier Rocketeer

Cavalier Rocketeer Back

The Cavalier Rocketeer is an unique figure even within the characterful world of Infamy, just dripping steampunk swashbuckling charm. I would say I think the limbs look a little stiff, but this is most likely more due to the angle of the image we are shown here.

Accompanying the Cavalier of the skies, we get a look at a WIP of the special cross-over miniature Harry 'The Hat' Hallahan, who can also be used in games of Guild Ball.

Harry the Hat Hallahan

All that's left now is for the Pledge Manager to head out in October, giving pledgers the chance to select their miniatures and even up their pledges. Infamy will also be allowing people to hop into the Kickstarter through the manager, which could open the way to even more stretch goals!

Infamy Stretch Goals

I think I speak for everyone when I say we want to see this Errant Pewbe.

Are you a backer of Infamy? Do you think you might chip in when the Pledge Manager heads out?

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