Infamy Bring a New Kickstarter Exclusive Alternate Frank Hyde

November 30, 2014 by dracs

Infamy Miniatures have created a Kickstarter alternate for the twisted character Frank Hyde, the once abusive husband of Edwina now malformed and mutated by her and her sister Henrietta Jekyll.

Alternate Frank

This new sculpt features Frank in a far more dynamic pose, leaping through the air and crushing a man beneath his massive, malformed fist. Compare this to the more static original and you can see that this sculpt gives a real sense of the brute strength of Frank Hyde.

Frank Hyde

Frank Hyde is one of Infamy's most brutish and disturbing creations and while both sculpts show this off to a good degree, the new Kickstarter special does give more of a cinematic impression, sculpting Frank in the middle of a mindless rampage on the streets of London.

Which of these takes on Frank Hyde do you prefer?

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