Infamy Finishes Badger in Time for Christmas

December 22, 2014 by dracs

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In their last update before Christmas, Infamy Miniatures show off the finished sculpt work for the brutal steam-powered pugilist Badger!

Badger 1

Badger 2

Badger 3

As you can see from these latest images, the addition of his steampunk harness really helps to finish this model and add to its character. Before, Badger certainly looked like someone you wouldn't want to cross, but now with his awesome harness covered in exposed wiring and pipes, he looks like he deserves his position as The Toad's right-hand man.

Badger is currently available through the pre-order backer kit and people still have the chance to get in on this great series of miniatures. Badger's sculpt is actually one of the simpler designs to appear in Infamy, yet I feel that it is nonetheless one of its most effective.

Have you supported Infamy? What do you think of their take on this character from The Wind in The Willows?

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