Infamy Give Badger a Pair of Trousers

December 21, 2014 by dracs

Much to the relief of all, Infamy Miniatures' Badger has found himself a pair of trousers as his sculpt continues to take shape.


Badger Back

Now that he's put on a pair of breeches, Badger is starting to look, if not exactly a gentleman, then at least somewhat respectable. I particularly like the watch chain hanging down from one pouch.

All in all, the miniature is starting to give the impression of a no-nonsense, practical man who, once he gets his steam harness, will just happen to be able to drive his fist through the back of your skull.

What do you think of the progress Infamy are making with Badger? Are Toad and his dock side gang your group of choice?

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