Infamy and Guild Ball Join Forces for a Special Crossover Mini!

July 14, 2014 by dracs

Infamy:Welcome to the Big Smoke's Kickstarter has been doing really well over the weekend, with a couple of exciting new sculpts appearing and more on the way. However, one of the most exciting pieces of news is the announcement that they are working on a crossover character for the game of Guild Ball!

Harry the Hat Hallahan

Ol' Harry here is a down and dirty hooligan, as at home scrapping in the streets of London as he is playing in a game of Guild Ball. The miniature will have rules for use in both Guild Ball and Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke, making him a pretty versatile miniature, something that is only enhanced by the way the miniature can be geared up to join a variety of different Guild teams.

This isn't the only crossover mini that Infamy have in store. Infamy Miniatures are part of the British Independents, a collection of miniature developers that also features Warploque Miniatures, JoeK Minis and White Dragon Miniatures. Alex of Warploque came up with this piece of concept art featuring a character they have called Captain Brindie.

Captain Brindie Art

Each of the British Independents decided to make their own version of the character for their respective ranges and Infamy's crack at him has just appeared as part of their Kickstarter.

Captain Brindie

Captain Brindie Back

Brindie has been modified to fit with the darker tone of the Infamy world and his fashion sense has been updated to the Victorian period, but he is still recognisable as the swashbuckling rogue that we can see in the concept. These renders promise us a highly detailed and beautifully sculpted miniature that will be available only as a Kickstarter special.

Which of these two prospective models are you most excited about?

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