Infamy Give Their Dr Jekyll a New Look

September 30, 2015 by dracs

In a steampunk world full of mad scientists, Infamy's Henrietta Jekyll is certainly an interesting take on an old formula. Now it seems that the good doctor is getting a make over as a new version of her model will be released later in the year.

Henrietta Jekyll

Henrietta Jekyll was once a respected chemist, but when her sister Edwina was put into a coma, Henrietta devoted herself to reviving her. Eventually she succeeded, turning Edwina into a psychotic killer and her abusive husband Frank Hyde into a twisted monster.

Frank Hyde

Together with Frank, Jekyll was one of the earlier miniatures to appear from Infamy.


Personally, I much prefer this new design to her original model, which to my eye looks a little stiff and ill-proportioned. This new one, however, is far more dynamic. The use of her vials, in conjunction with what appears to be a flame thrower, shows her back story as a great chemist, while the pose has far more action to it.

Given her penchant for strange, bubbling chemicals, I am sure this will be a piece that let painters have fun with lighting effects in particular. After all, it isn't science unless it glows or explodes.

Which version of Henrietta do you prefer? The old, or the new?

"It isn't science unless it glows or explodes..."

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