Infamy Miniatures’ Mysterious World Goes IndieGoGo

June 11, 2012 by brennon

You have seen some models from Infamy Miniatures before but now they have decided to get onto the IndieGoGo fund raising trail to boost production of their amazing looking models...

Watson Sculpt

As you can see, Infamy Miniatures have a taste for the Weird and the Wonderful all in the garb of Steampunk. Above is the esteemed Mr Watson who was the focus of their IndieGoGo campaign to begin with. But that's exceeding expectations and they are now working towards a new model...

Edwina Hyde

Edwina Hyde is their latest imaginative idea and she's certainly looking like a dastardly villain of Steampunk Victorian London. You can check out her sister and Sherlock below as well...

Sherlock and Jekyll

These really are superb looking 32mm resin models that have a massive dose of originality to them. It's as if Inspector Gadget fused with Sherlock Holmes to make a mighty hero of the foggy streets!

I love these models and this company and can't wait to see what's next from them down the line.

What do you make of these Steampunk alternatives?

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