Infamy Miniatures Print Their Jo March Bust

April 10, 2015 by dracs

Infamy Miniatures have printed their bust of Jo March which will be heading to Salute as part of their Black Market releases.

Jo 3D Print

Even with this rough dry fit of bust we can see that this promises to be a fantastic display piece for collectors. She is set to be produced in a limited run and, alongside the bust of Tesla, will only be available through the Infamy Black Market.

Black Market Busts

The Cast of Infamy

As well as this bust, Infamy have put together some of their latest casts to show off the completed miniatures.

Infamy Casts Built

While the photo isn't the best quality, we still get an idea of the scale and detail of these miniatures. Big Boss is definitely well named, that is one big mini.

Paranomal (far right) is probably the model I am most excited to see. I was a little worried about how the swirling mass of spirits would be carried over, but the end result is a superb spectral model, although I recon it would be a pain to carry around without something snapping.

Do you plan to visit Infamy's Black Market come Salute?

"This promises to be a fantastic display piece for collectors."

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