Infamy Show Off the Progress of Harry The Hat Hallahan

October 6, 2014 by dracs

Harry "The Hat" Hallahan, the rough, tough brawler who takes to both the streets of Infamy and the pitch of Guild Ball, is continuing to shape up and Infamy Miniatures are showing off their progress with the sculpt including his various equipment options.

Harry the Hat Hallahan

Harry the Hat Hallahan Alchemist

Harry the Hat Hallahan Pie

The more I see of this model, the more impressed I am with the sculpt. The various pieces of equipment let you assemble Harry to play for the Engineers, Butchers or Alchemist Guild teams, and none of them would look out of place in Infamy. I especially want to know what the rules are for the pie.

As well as Harry, Infamy have another render to show off the special painting DVD exclusive sculpt of the Cavalier Rocketeer.

Cavalier Rocketeer

There isn't much more I can say about this sculpt. It's a brilliant, swashbuckling miniature and this latest render serves to show off the detail of his ornate breast plate.

Most exciting for me though is the appearance of a YouTube vid showing off the first renders for Tesla's steampunk tea vending machine.

Tea Machine

That thing is looking so cool, with exposed pipes and intricate machinery on full display. I want a steam powered tea machine! Though I bet the tea would taste terrible.

What model are you particularly excited to see coming out of Infamy?

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