Infamy’s Big Smoke Comes to Kickstarter!

July 11, 2014 by dracs

It's finally here, one of the most anticipated Kickstarter so far has arrived on the scene and is already hitting its stretch goals. It is time to explore this new steampunk London in Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke!

Infamy Miniatures

The world of Infamy presents us a Victorian London transformed beyond all recognition after Mycroft Holmes' invention of the first great Cogitation Engine, opening the way for ever greater technological innovations.

Players choose from a variety of characterful kingpins to lead their warband, such as the calculating criminal mastermind Sherlock Holmes, or the brutal Toad, and are then free to recruit whoever else they like, allowing a broad range of tactical options.

This Aint the London You Know

The game operates using opposed dice rolls, but there is also a card mechanic based around the game of Blackjack. The closer you play to 21, the wider the range of skills that you will have open to you, or you can deliberately choose to bust for defensive bonuses.

The Kickstarter will pave the way for even more of the brilliant steampunk sculpts that Infamy have already brought out, many of which are reworkings of classic literary or historical characters. Backers will have the option to choose from Infamy's existing range, but will also have the option to get their hands on new sculpts, such as the senile zookeeper Uncle John, or, my own personal favourite, the steampunk tea vending machine with accompanying pigeon.

Uncle John


I cannot tell you how much I want a real steam powered tea machine.

The Kickstarter is offering a bunch of cool options to entice backers. These range from the ability to have your pledge minis painted up for you by Golem Painting Studio, to a couple of exclusive minis, foremost of which is the Kickstarter-only Nikola Tesla.


However, there is also the add-on option to get an Infamy painting DVD from the Painting Buddha, which is accompanied by an exclusive Cavalier Rocketeer mini.

Cavalier Rocketeer Painting Set

We got to see some of these minis while we were at this year's Salute and I can tell you that the miniatures are of top notch quality, will huge levels of character and detail to their resin sculpts. Justin has already picked up Talullah Belle, the kingpin of London's infamous band of sky pirates.

Talullah Belle

Personally, I have my eye on these arch-criminals of ye olde London town, the miniature of Dr Watson in particular being, perhaps, one of my all time favourite sculpts.

Holmes and Watson

I love Victorian gothic literature. I studied it at university and it was always one of my favourite areas of literature. Infamy, I think, comes the closest to recapturing the sort of over-the-top atmosphere of dark fear that many of these works are characterised by, only taking it even further then that.

This Kickstarter will bring even more fresh and interesting takes on established literary characters, such as Alucard or the March family, along with a bunch of original designs and characters. It is already seeing a good deal of success for having only just gone up, so I look forward to seeing what the future stretch goals have in store for us.

Do you plan to step into the Big Smoke on Kickstarter? Which of the Kingpins do you like best?

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