Infamy Monkeys Around with the Beast of Bakerloo

March 30, 2015 by dracs

Infamy have revealed the identity of the monster they have been teasing us with, as well as showing off the latest print of one of uncle John's primate creations.

The Beast of Bakerloo

The monster that Infamy have been showing off glimpses of all last week has at last been revealed to be their own take on the Beast of Bakerloo, who originally appeared as part of an ArcWorlde / Infamy crossover on the Kickstarter.

Beast of Bakerloo Infamy Version

The story behind the Beast of Bakerloo is that it is in fact a ferocious Bull River Troll that got pulled from ArcWorlde into the London of Infamy by mistake.

This latest sculpt is the Infamy Miniatures version of the model that Warploque made for the Kickstarter.

Arcworlde Crossover

As you can see, there is a distinct difference in style between Infamy's Beast of Bakerloo and Warploque's. In my head this has resolved itself to mean that the Beast was captured and experimented on, resulting in the warped creature we now see.

Maniacal Monkies

Speaking of twisted experiments and warped creatures, Infamy Miniatures have also shown off the latest print of one of Uncle John's altered chimps.

Chester Road

Swinging from a sign for Chester Road with a big grabber in his hand, this sculpt is reportedly one of the creator of Infamy's favourites. It is easy to see why, as there is something undeniably charming about seeing the ape climbing the sign. If only it didn't probably want to kill me.

Do you prefer Infamy's Beast, or Warploque's? What is your favourite miniature in their range?

"...there is something undeniably charming about seeing the ape climbing the sign"

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