Jo March Leaves Little Women to Join Infamy

May 18, 2014 by dracs

Infamy Miniatures have just published a new concept sketch showing a fierce, female gunfighter dressed in what I think is a stylised American Civil War era uniform. Her name, Jo March.

Jo March

Literary speaking, Jo March is the name of a primary character from the story Little Women, who is critically considered a feminist icon due to her refusal to obey conventional genre stereotypes. Infamy's version though looks it has taken this spirited character to the extreme. If she was like this I might actually have read the book!

This gun toting heroine has been sketched mid fire fight, and looks like she is enjoying every minute of it. If the sculpt follows the model than we should be in for a fantastic female adventurer mini, both for Infamy and other such games.

What do you think of Jo March's Infamy appearance?

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