June Releases Hit the Infamy Webstore

June 20, 2016 by dracs

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The steampunk world of Infamy is continuing to grow as a selection of new miniatures get released onto the Infamy Miniatures Webstore.

Infamy June Releases

Infamy is full of fantastic character models, with tons of detail going on with each of the sculpts. This new set of releases includes a mad scientist Professor Hoome, a 54mm version of Nikola Tesla from an alternate dimension and the latest of Infamy's collectible One Shots, Hannah Mullet.

Of these, Mullet is perhaps my favourite.

Hannah Mullet

I especially like the 32mm model, which is the epitome of bad-ass gunslinger, caught in the act of firing behind her. However, I would say that the extent to which she is twisted round comes off as looking almost painful, although that may simply be due to the angle of the image.

Which of Infamy's new releases do you like best? Do you like the game's steampunk style?

"[Hannah Mullet] is the epitome of bad-ass gunslinger..."

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