Kickstarters And Quakers On The Cards For Infamy

March 31, 2017 by dracs

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James Griffiths, the owner and lead designer of Infamy, has published a video showing off some of the plans for the coming year, taking us back to the Big Smoke and possibly beyond.

Infamy Background

Mini-Kickstarter Appears From The Smoke

The first announcement is for an upcoming mini-kickstarter to help create a new background book to further explore Infamy: Welcome To The Big Smoke.

Infamy Mini Kickstarter

This will build upon the existing background book which went out as an exclusive to backers of the last Infamy Kickstarter.

Griffiths says that this one will feature a lot more in the way of stories and artifacts and that the mini-kickstarter they are planning may also help produce a deck of steampunk themed playing cards.

The art for a new model also looks to be on the cards, a steampunk interpretation of Wild Bill Hickok.

Wild Bill Hickok

Wild Bill was a famous American folk hero and gunslinger, whose death while gambling provided the basis for the infamous "dead man's hand" draw in poker.

Infamy are planning to produce this model in both a large and usable game scale, making it a good collector's piece.

Happy Anniversary

Infamy have also announced that the 15th of April is going to be their 5th year anniversary (que humorous party blower).

To celebrate, they are putting together a special selection of pieces that they are calling the Anniversary Infamy  Ton.

This will include large scale editions of classic models,

Infamy Anniversary

The new Quaker model,

Infamy Quaker

A special large scale, anniversary only alternate sculpt Dr Watson,

Infamy Watson

As well as early access to future models.

Infamy Trudy May Bang

At £100, this is pretty hefty set of stuff, but does allow you to get your hands on some fairly nice sculpts, as well as possibly getting in early on this mysterious new project Infamy have teased.

Infamy Teaser

Infamy Teasers

It looks as though Infamy will be bringing characterful sculpts to a new setting.

Do you want to see more from Infamy? What do you expect we could see from these new figures?

"It looks as though Infamy will be bringing characterful sculpts to a new setting."

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