More Minis Show Their Ugly Mugs For Infamy!

December 5, 2014 by dracs

Infamy Miniatures are once again showing off their progress with some of their sculpts of the steampunk London streets. Check out these three fantastic figures.

First we have the Big Boss' first appearance in the physical flesh, or at least his pet bruiser in any case.

Big Boss Face

Big Boss

This sculpt shows off one of the most disturbing figures of Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke and makes his twisted, malformed nature abundantly clear with plenty of attention to detail. You can even see his drool picked out on the model!

Following this big fellow we have two renders, the first of which features the sinister Mr Dodgson.

Mr Dodgson

Mr Dodgson might be one of my favourite sculpts in Infamy as it mixes two different works of Dickens, namely Oliver Twist and A Christmas Carol, to come out with a rather sinister leader for London's urchins.  Both he and the kids look to be a dab hand with those knives, while the kids themselves look rather creepy. Beware them both and all of their degree.

Finally, we come to the Queen's own scientific adviser, Doctor Umber.

Doctor Umber

Although the sculpt is yet to be posed, there is still plenty going on here. He's decked out with all manner of weaponry, ranging from stick grenades to a massive sword. However, it's the more nonsensical things that mark him out, such as that box on his hip and the things on his shoulders. And of course, what can you say about the hair other than great scott!

Which of these three catches your attention? Do you plan to get into Infamy once it hits the table?

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