Pray You Ain’t Caught By Infamy’s Peelers

September 10, 2014 by dracs

Things have been a bit quiet with Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke lately, but now it seems like the law is set to clean up the London streets as a couple of new Peeler previews get shown off.

First up, the long arm of the law is particularly well armed as Sergeant Crookes appears carrying his trusty Tesla Coil Rifle.

Sergeant Crookes with Tesla Coil Rifle

Sergeant Crookes with Tesla Coil Rifle Back

This render shows off a superb attention to detail, right down to the handcuffs and stun baton hanging from his belt. Unfortunately, he is a Kickstarter exclusive, so you will have had to chip in in order to get your hands on him.

Of course, if shooting lightning at miscreants isn't your cup of tea, you can always bop them over the head with a baton or shock them with a shield. Sergeant Crookes has got kitted up in riot gear, steampunk style!

Sergeant Crookes with Shield and Baton

Sergeant Crookes with Shield and Baton Back

Speaking of cups of tea, the pilot of the Peelers' Suppressor has popped their head out of the top just in time for a cuppa.

Suppressor Pilot

I don't know what they've put in that tea, but the pilot certainly looks happy about it. This model will be included for those who pledged for the full Suppressor kit and Infamy Miniatures have also suggested that it might later appear as a full mini, legs and all. I really hope it does, as I love the model and would love to pick up the sculpt, possibly along with Tesla's tea machine.

Are you going to get on the wrong side of these Peelers?

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