The Sinister Alucard Stalks Infamy Miniatures

March 31, 2014 by dracs

Infamy Miniatures have recently been showing off the latest concept sketch that they will hopefully be making into miniature form when their Kickstarter gets up and running; a bloody minded individual named Alucard.


As most of you are probably aware, Alucard is the alter-ego of Bram Stoker's famous vampire Dracula. The inclusion of some sort of Dracula figure in a dark, steampunk Victorian game is almost a given, but Infamy have succeeded in coming up with something rather new.

As opposed to the traditional blood sucker, this guy is definitely a product of a twisted industrial era, draining  blood using weaponised syringes into what appears to be a life support machine. I love this idea, it is an imaginative take on a familiar figure and I really hope the miniature gets made.

Those of you attending Salute can always check out Infamy over at the British Indie stand, where they will have an event exclusive print free for those who pick up the Uncle John bust.

Event Exclusive Print

Are you planning to check in with Infamy at Salute?

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