Things Get Spooky as Infamy Cast Paranormal

February 15, 2015 by dracs

Infamy Miniatures have an update that is sure to lift the spirits as they cast up the ghostly character Paranormal.

Paranormal Cast

The cast here shows off the crisp details of what promises to be a superb and interesting sculpt when fully assembled. Paranormal may be one of the most intriguing character designs in Infamy, with the trailing spiritual vapours surrounding her making her seem strange and other-wordly.

Paranormal Concept

Paranormal is a miniature I am especially keen to see finished and painted, as I expect the ghosts will be an interesting challenge to create spooky and spectral colour effects for.

What Infamy miniature are you looking forward to seeing completed?

"The trailing spiritual vapours surrounding her make her seem strange and other-wordly."

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