What Weapon are Infamy Wielding?

February 20, 2015 by dracs

Infamy Miniatures have been continuing to make progress on the miniatures and designs made possible by their Kickstarter but have stopped to leave us pondering over this mystery weapon.

Weapon Preview

To my eye, I would say this is some kind of ornate, steam powered scythe. What it belongs to though is any body's guess. Infamy: Welcome to the Big Smoke, is home to all manner of mechanical wonders, but whatever wields this is probably going to look really sinister.

It looks like Infamy have already made use of this scythe, as this early print of Tesla shows.

3D Printer Tesla Botch

Unfortunately, there was a problem with the 3D printer, leaving the genius inventor a little shorter than usual. Aside this mishap though, the level of detail on this print is astounding. Infamy have done well in transferring the renders we saw previously across into miniature form.


Infamy have since reprinted Tesla, which means we should hopefully be able to see the final cast up miniature. Having backed the Kickstarter, I am incredibly excited for this model and the crisp quality of the 3D print just enforces this for me.

What do you think that weapon is? Are you looking forward to seeing the finished Tesla?

"Whatever wields this is probably going to look really sinister."

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