10th Anniversary Limited Edition Achilles From Infinity

January 22, 2016 by stvitusdancern

Corvus Belli the creators of Infinity will be holding a special event on Tuesday January 26th with what I am calling a "flash sale" for the  10th Anniversary Limited Edition Achilles.

I am calling this a "flash sale" because this mini will be gone in a flash. I am not sure of anymore details than what little tidbits I read from their post on Facebook. The miniature is currently posted on their website but is not available for purchase. The description reads:

"Apex Syarikat’s Hoplite-series personal protection equipment boasts integrated nanocarbon plates in addition to novel materials so groundbreaking their patent falls under a military Top Secret/Alpha-Grade classification. Suffice to say, our Hoplite Armor performs to the highest standards of the most demanding assault corps the world has ever seen.

For Apex Syarikat, when the fate of the Human Sphere hangs in the balance, excellence is just the first step. Apex Syarikat  Forging ahead towards a better future."

These are some really wicked looking miniatures and makes we want to start an ALEPH army. The two different poses are dynamic and the alternate one with the Achilles holding the severed head is rather striking. If you are an Infinity fan or looking to get in on this as the possible Beasts of War Infinity Campaign that the guys are trying to work on.

Stay tuned here for the latest updates. Get your credit card ready and the refresh button warmed up for January 26th and get your limited edition too, before they are all gone.

What do you think of special edition miniatures?

"These are some really wicked looking miniatures and makes we want to start an ALEPH army..."

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