Amazing February Releases from Infinity

February 24, 2012 by beerogre

You may have seen them dotted around our website, but here they are combined together into one of our cool blasts... so sit back and enjoy the sci-fi extravaganza from Infinity this month.

Let's kick off with a Myrmidon who's loaded out with a deadly Spitfire.

Aleph - Myrmidons

Next up on offer is a Zouave equipped with a D.E.P., a one-shot  rocket launcher that can dish out some serious pain.

Ariadna - Zouaves

Then we have three Reverend Custodiers, another masterful trio for your Nomads collection.

Nomads - Reverend Custodiers

It's time for the another heavy hitter for PanOceania, with the Jotums TAG, sporting not only a MULTI HMG but also a Heavy Grenade Launcher.

PanOceania - Jotums

And finaly we have a pair of cute little remotes for Yu Jing... its the Yáopú  Pangguling.

Yu-Jing - Pangguling

So that wraps up another round of cracking releases from the guys at Infinity, there'll be more next month... so remember to stay tuned!

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