Are Warsenal Previewing Infinity Tohaa Terrain?

March 27, 2019 by dracs

Warsenal have published a couple of quick preview pictures, showing what could be terrain suited for Infinity's Tohaa. Warsenal have published these previews on their Facebook, along with a brief line giving a hint to what they might be.

"The most exceptional characteristic of the Jump Gate is that only the one located on the Paradiso End was made by humans."

So this could potentially be some sort of portal gate of alien design. I'm guessing the factions of Infinity would fight hard for control of such a thing.

"So Tohaa bioengineers - working shoulder to shoulder with Bureau Hermes technicians - have installed specific devices..."

With that being the case, I expect this new terrain to feature plenty in the way of unknowable technology.

From the look of it, and from the wee bits of information Warsenal have provided, this will be a terrain set with a story behind it.

What do you think this terrain might be?

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