Go Beyond Kaldstrom In Infinity’s CodeOne Next Month

May 19, 2020 by brennon

Corvus Belli are going to be offering up some next steps for you to take with Infinity CodeOne next month as they go Beyond Operation Kaldstrom. See what you get in this pack which is going to be dropping towards the tail end of June.

Beyond Operation Kaldstrom Box - Infinity

This set acts as a boost for those who have played through the content of Operation Kaldstrom and want to take things to the next level. Inside you'll find miniatures which are perfect for growing both your PanOceania and Yu Jing force on the tabletop.

For the boys in blue, we have one Locust with Marksman Rifle, one Varg with Spitfire, and one Boyg Soldier with Missile Launcher. I love that big ol' chonky boy with the missile launcher! That is some heavy-duty kit.

-5ec3d688b87b0--5ec3d688b87b1PanOceanian Add-Ons - Infinity.png

On the side of Yu Jing, we've got some decidedly more lithe looking additions in the form of one Shàng Jí Hacker, one Ye Mao with Spitfire, and Jing Qo, heroine of Yu Jing

Yu Jing Add-Ons - Infinity

Both sets of miniatures have dressed up appropriately for the colder climate of Kaldstrom which is cool and it means that you maintain a narrative in your force going forward. It's a nice touch and helps to make the factions feel that bit more unique compared to the other miniatures in the Infinity range.

With these six new miniatures, you'll have the chance to for you and a friend to try something a bit different with your PanOceania and Yu Jing forces. Or, if you've decided to snaffle both sides for yourself then you've now got lots more models to paint.

Infinity CodeOne Rulebook

As well as the new miniatures, a physical edition of the CodeOne Rulebook is also going to be dropping into the mix.

-5ec3d685d8aa3--5ec3d685d8aa4Infinity CodeOne Rulebook - Infinity.png

For those of you who don't know...

"Infinity CodeOne is the faster and condensed version of the famed Infinity N4 game, keeping its innovative, dynamic and entertaining gameplay, but now streamlined and more accessible. In addition, Infinity CodeOne allows players to scale their games, with a choice of three different options for the number of figures, estimated duration of the game, and size of the playing surface, which facilitates fast games, and with the intense game system of Infinity, in which all players can participate throughout the game sequence."

So, if you missed out on diving into Infinity CodeOne with the Operation Kaldstrom box then you'll have another chance here with this rulebook and its associated options. I think this could be the prime way to get into this diverse and interesting Sci-Fi game. Plus, for those desiring a quicker game with their friends, this is also good.

Will you be picking up these releases in June?

"I think this could be the prime way to get into this diverse and interesting Sci-Fi game..."

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