Bring Your Infinity Board to Life with Micro Art’s Cargo Crates

August 8, 2012 by dracs

With Infinity week 2012 well under way I'm sure all of you will be itching to break out your minis and get gaming. Now all you need is to really bring your sci-fi land scape to life. Well Micro Art have you covered with new Infinity cargo crates.

Micro Art Studio - Infinity Crates

Micro Art Studio - Infinity Crates 2

These pieces, scattered around the table top, do help to create the sense that the gaming scape you have created is alive. Their sci-fi style sculpts and appearance fit in well with the Infinity back drop and also provide a handy way to break up those areas which have been left devoid of terrain to hide behind.

Will anyone be picking these up from Micro Art Studio for their games of Infinity?

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