Check Out PlastCraft’s New Color-ED Infinity Industrial Terrain

September 7, 2017 by brennon

PlastCraft is back with a new set of ColorED Terrain for use with your Infinity games. This new set has a feel of the Industrial about it giving you the grimier side of life in the far future.

Industrial Complex Main

The buildings that you see here as well as the accessories on display are all going to be present on their webstore soon. Acting as the centrepiece of their collection we have that huge Industrial building with the gleaming green walls.

Industrial Facility

Using a mix of shaped plastic pieces and clear plastic they've designed a building which wouldn't look out of place on a Necron Tomb World but it makes for the right kind of processing facility out there in the wastelands.

I like the design of it which not only gives you a large area in which to play your games inside but also on the roof with ways to see down inside too. It's always good to have the high ground as Star Wars has taught us.

In addition to the large central building we also have these Towers which come in a variety of different colours.

Industrial Tower

Once again these help to add to the verticality in your games but also work nicely as set dressing continuing the rusted and abandoned feel to the facility. I like the designs they've gone for which show well-used structures, developing the narrative on the tabletop.

This same feeling is continued when you see some of the smaller pop-up buildings which were probably put here years ago when they thought the place wasn't going to be perfect.

Industrial Building

While they are decidedly like foreman's offices on a building site I think they'd be great for alien landscapes too where maybe it's one of the prefabricated buildings which get thrown into the mix during a colonisation effort.

Accessories & Vehicles

As well as the larger buildings we also have the smaller terrain pieces to consider too including a selection of vehicles.

Waste Truck

Here we have what one assumes is a Wastetruck of some design. I quite like the idea of it but it feels a little boxy for my liking. Even with the curves, there's something which feels a bit 'fake' to me in the design of it. But, maybe with some extra paint on those white panels, it might blend in a little more.

Conversely I actually really like this next tracked vehicle which looks like it has been shunting around waste for a while. Maybe you could hack into this during your games of Infinity and make it explode or go on a rampage when it comes to close to an enemy unit?

Industrial Vehicle

There is also this Forklift truck with tracks which can be used to move around some of the Crates which PlastCraft have also built to go with this collection. I think the tracks is a good idea for a place like this, out there in the wasteland, as the terrain isn't always going to be even enough for wheels.

Crates & Dock Loader

As mentioned above there are also some Crates which can be used as scatter terrain too.


When it comes to developing interesting tabletops for you to create narrative scenarios on this ColorED terrain does make it a lot easier than it used to me. All you need is a nice mat and then you can drop these pre-coloured buildings on after a bit of tinkering.

For those setting up tournaments, for example, where you want a nice variety in the tabletops this kind of terrain might be of great use.

Do you think you'll be picking up this terrain?

"I think they'd be great for alien landscapes too where maybe it's one of the prefabricated buildings which get thrown into the mix during a colonisation effort..."

"For those setting up tournaments, for example, this kind of terrain might be of great use..."

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