Check Out the Spec-Ops Troopers for Infinity!

August 20, 2012 by brennon

As if a whole week of Infinity wasn't enough, Corvus Belli also have a selection of their new Spec-Ops Miniatures to show off. Check out the various faction specific models below, all looking fantastically cool.

Vortex Spec Ops

Treitak Spec Ops

Treitak Spec Ops

Indigo Spec Ops

Husam Spec Ops

Gui Feng Spec Ops

Chandra Spec Ops

An awesome selection of miniatures that cover a variety of different factions. The Ariadna Spec-Ops is obviously the best of course, and I will hear no words against it!

In all seriousness though these are superb miniatures with some fantastic paint jobs. While they have no rules yet within the game, they are designed for use with the new Infinity: Campaign - Paradiso book which isn't too far away!

Which is your favourite Spec-Ops agent?

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