Weekender: Community Shout Outs & Chart The World Of Dark Age With New Map!

August 27, 2016 by dignity

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Join us for The Weekender where we're delving into the world of Dark Age and exploring it's map and giving you an update on some gaming highlights from the week.

Weekender: Community Shout Outs & Chart The World Of Dark Age With New Map!

Fancy Joining A BoW Dropzone Commander Team?

We kick things off by letting you know that community member commodorerob is looking for Dropzone Commander players to join him and seldon9 on a trip to the Autumn Invasion event in Croydon this September.

The event runs across the weekend of the 17th & 18th and should be great. Hawk are also running a painting competition too this time around.

Get in contact and let us know what other teams you want to bring together for the glory of Beasts Of War!

Competition Reminder & Community Spotlights

A quick reminder to go and check out the Bolt Action 2nd Edition Demo Game where you could win a Band of Brothers Starter Set by commenting with your favourite Bolt Action moments.

Additionally we delve into our Painting Picks from this week and talk about our new Golden Buttons that will start to collate throughout the year showing off some of the amazing work done by the community.

News Time!

A quick round-up of things you need to know!

Will you be tuning into these live streams?

Explore The Dark Age Map

We took some time to sit down with the creators of Dark Age to take a look at the amazing map Matt Weaver has created and find out more about some of the locations that could be perfect for gaming.

Maps are an important part of game worlds as they help to bring things to life and give you a sense of wonder about 'what's over those mountains?'.

Kickstarters To Keep An Eye On

What Kickstarters should you be looking at this week?

So there you have it; which of these two would you back?

Grab A Backstage Free Trial & Join Us For The Weekender XLBS Tomorrow

What are you up to this weekend?

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